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The World Of EMDR Therapy & How Greater Boston Behavioral Health Can Help

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The World Of EMDR Therapy & How Greater Boston Behavioral Health Can Help

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy is a powerful tool gaining recognition in the mental health field for its effectiveness in treating trauma and various other mental health issues. Developed as the best treatment option by the best doctors in Greater Boston Behavioral Health, EMDR therapy has evolved into a widely practiced approach used by therapists worldwide. In this article, we’ll delve into everything you need to know about EMDR therapy and discuss how Greater Boston Behavioral Health can help you find improvements in your journey.

What is EMDR Therapy?

At Greater Boston Behavioral Health, EMDR therapy works as a structured psychotherapy approach designed to help individuals process distressing memories and associated emotions. This specific treatment is particularly effective in treating post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) but can also benefit those struggling with anxiety, depression, phobias, and other psychological issues.

How Does EMDR Therapy Work?

The exact mechanism of EMDR therapy’s effectiveness isn’t fully understood, but it’s believed to mimic the rapid eye movement (REM) stage of sleep, where processing and integration of information occur. During an EMDR session at Greater Boston Behavioral Health Center, the therapist guides the client through recalling distressing memories while simultaneously engaging in bilateral stimulation. This process helps desensitize the individual to the memory’s emotional charge and reprocess it into a more adaptive form.

We Also Help You Manage The Eight Phases of EMDR Therapy.

History Taking

This consists of gathering important details related to the history of the client. Our team works collectively to target memories required for processing.



The individual here learns coping skills and relaxation techniques from our center and learns to manage distress during EMDR sessions.



Our therapists at Greater Boston Behavioral Health identifies specific aspects of the target memory to focus on during reprocessing.



The individual here recalls the target memory while engaging in bilateral stimulation. This allows the memory’s emotional intensity to decrease.



Our team will now help in reinforcing positive beliefs and emotions and replace negative beliefs associated with the target memory.


Body Scan

Finally, we will check for any remaining tension or distress related to the memory.



We will end the session with relaxation techniques to ensure the individual feels grounded and safe.



Subsequent sessions may involve reassessment of progress and targeting new memories for processing.

What Benefits Can You Expect From Greater Boston Behavioral Health’s EMDR Therapy?

Effective for Trauma
EMDR is particularly effective for treating trauma. Since trauma can stem from various experiences like accidents, abuse, or natural disasters, we at Greater Boston Behavioral Health will help you process these memories and reduce the emotional change that comes with it.

Addresses Various Issues
Our EMDR therapy is designed in a way that helps you easily deal with problems like depression, anxiety, addiction and phobias. It also helps you handle different types of emotional distress.

Rapid Results
Compared to some other therapies, Greater Boston Behavioral Health’s therapy often brings about results more swiftly. While every person’s experience is unique, most individuals have reported significant improvements in their symptoms in a shorter time frame after working with us.

Holistic Approach
We also offer you a very holistic approach to healing. After all, our goal at Greater Boston Behavioral Health is to not only the cognitive but also the emotional and physiological aspects of distress. By integrating these different aspects, EMDR aims to bring about comprehensive healing.

Reduces Symptoms
Our EMDR therapy also works to reduce the symptoms associated with distressing memories, such as flashbacks, nightmares, and intrusive thoughts. By processing these memories, individuals have often spoken of experiencing a significant decrease in these distressing symptoms. No wonder Greater Boston Behavioral Health has become the best space for transforming your future and mental health.

Enhances Coping Skills
And finally, we also help you improve your coping skills. Our team of experts will help you manage your reactions and emotions better. If the individual is prone to getting triggered very easily, this therapy should help them out.


EMDR Therapy is a smart treatment choice for individuals who have experienced some kind of trauma or emotional abuse. It is great for people experiencing emotional numbness and nightmares as well as panic disorders. Not just that, it helps in stress and pain management and helps you manage emotional wounds too. But if you are wondering where you should head for the same or similar issues, then Greater Boston Behavioral Health is the best place to be. Here you will find a variety of options associated with mental health and other conditions like eating disorders, impulsive disorders, and more. Want to know more about their services? Get in touch with us today